About US

The Planty’s founder, Valdir Costa, spent his childhood at his grandparent's ranch surrounded by trees and tropical plants. After growing up and moving to the "big city", Valdir found ways of creating his own Planty space to re-create his favourite place on earth. The over two hundred plants in his apartment, and counting, brings him a feeling of home, a connection with nature and peace.

After years of collecting plants and learning from and with them, it was time to help other people achieve their Planty dreams. 

The Planty was founded with the goal to help anyone find plants that fit their living environment and needs, with the convenience of receiving well-treated plants at their doors. 


His favourite plant: hard to say... but his Boston Fern is so big he keeps hugging it! 


Our mission is to help people connect their homes to nature and live a more grounded and conscious life.

We deliver a wide selection of plants for all, for plant enthusiasms to plant novices.

We ensure that all plants are healthy and durable so that our customers can have the best plant-parenting experience possible. 

We believe that we not only are what we eat, we are what we surround ourselves with.


  • Commitment to customers 
  • Plant passion
  • Mindful, conscious living 
  • Respect to nature and all beings 
  • Continuous learning and growing
  • Plants for all, plants for everything