Mini Boston Fern

Mini Boston Fern

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Boston Ferns are an all year long trendy houseplant because it does not have high sunlight needs. This fern is common in humid forests and swamps, where it grows under trees as a way to be protected from sun exposure.

Although it likes partial or full shade outdoors, it will thrive in bright, indirect sunlight spots when indoors. In addition, Boston Ferns love humidity and will prefer damp, but not soggy soil. They are not difficult to take care of, but require specific attention.

* mini Boston Fern comes in a 4" nursery pot  

Lighting: bright, indirect sun. Tolerates partial shade. 

Watering: They like damp but no soggy soil. 

Temperature: Prefer mild temperatures. Will not tolerate extreme heat or cold. 

Best spot: hanging close to a window with no direct sunlight. 

Pet Friendly? Yes.

Child Friendly? Yes. 

 PRO Tip: do not let soil dry out completely. Water the pot thoroughly, allowing water to rinse out of it.